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Author Interview

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A talk with the Rev. Kyle Huckins, Ph.D.

Q​: What is your latest book about?

A: Anything having to do with faith, particularly as it affects the born-again Christian. My editors have given me incredible freedom over the years to address a wide range of issues, from racial tensions to church discipline. The result is a compendium of more than 125 columns that touch on virtually all aspects of Christian life public and private but pay particularly close attention to black-white relations, civic issues, and theology, all from a biblical standpoint.

Q: What theological perspective do you write from in the volume?

A: Generally a broadly evangelical stance. Secondary issues are discussed in an educational rather than insistent way. This book is for all who worship God in spirit and in truth or seek to do so.

Q: Race is so explosive these days. Why wade into that minefield?

A: Since it’s such a tough subject, many in the news business stay away from going beyond the headlines and into the core issues. I feel race is much too important to avoid. The lack of dialogue among whites, blacks and other racial groups needs to be replaced by a robust discussion. That’s messy but the only way to achieve understanding and bring peace.

Q: Do you get political in the book?

A: I discuss issues such as same-sex marriage, abortion and other hot-buttons. I do stop short, however, of trying to push a particular party’s philosophy. Christ said his Kingdom was not of this world, and I want to keep it that way.

Q: You also do biographical sketches of Christian leaders and historical figures of the faith. Why?

A: I love finding out what makes people tick; that’s why the personality profile is my favorite reporting niche. I think readers enjoy meeting new folks or getting an up-close view of someone they’ve only seen on TV or heard on radio.

You’ll find good old St. Patrick in my book as well as modern folks like Russell Wilson. I’ve always felt history has a lot to teach us, but we also need to stay up with the times.

Q: What do you use for sources for your research?

A: Interviews, studies, websites and the Bible, just to name a few. I figured out my average column includes 4-5 verses of Scripture. I've been blessed to be able to cite the Good Book so often and keep readership.

Q: Who would like this book?

A: It would be good for those interested in understanding racial tensions, seeing election issues from a biblical perspective, thoughts on Christian living, a practical take on theology and even passing on the volume to others curious about Christianity. I’m hoping to see people saved as well as those in Christ get encouragement to stay strong in tough times.