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​"Race, Faith and Politics Today" has a companion Bible study and two such undergraduate college courses, one for theology and another for journalism/media. Samples of the first chapter of each are provided here free of charge. 

The Bible study has a lesson for each chapter, 10 in all, and has plenty of points to ponder and questions for a typical 1-2 hour weekly study if not more. An activity is given at the end of each chapter's guide. The college courses have 10 weekly lessons as well, put on PowerPoint to facilitate classroom or online teaching. These have both an activity and assignment for each chapter. 

Your choice of the Bible study or theology or journalism/media college course teaching materials is free with an order of six copies of the book or may be bought with any number of book copies for $4.99. To receive the free items, orders must be made with this site's Shopify link or using PayPal through eBay (see below). When ordering, simply include a note in the proper field for comments indicating which teaching set you need.

Be aware that using eBay/PayPal, you will need to order the book and guide separately but will be charged combined shipping. In ordering with Shopify, scroll down the ordering choices from "1 Book" till close to the end for the book + guide options. If you have questions, you may email our customer service at info@eternitynowmedia.com.