• ​​​Applies Scripture to today's issues: Race relations, culture and more

  • Examines the Bible and church: Practical lessons in Christian theology and living


  • Introduces the intriguing: Relates in-depth profiles and important trends in faith

​Why read 'Race, Faith and Politics Today'?

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'Race, Faith and Politics Today'

"Race, Faith and Politics Today" gives a born-again view on race relations, culture, and other up-to-the-minute, cutting-edge topics in compiling nationally award-winning newspaper columns by the Rev. Kyle Huckins, Ph.D., a white clergyman who's preached in a predominantly black denomination and veteran journalist. Whether bridging America’s growing racial divide, giving a biblical view on current events or answering tough questions on theology, Huckins details the relevant facts and imparts biblical truth. There also is much discussion of Christian living, apologetics and worldview, in the work, which features chapters such as "Practical Theology." The volume has won a national eLit Award for best religion book and an Indiana Society of Professional Journalists honor for best nonfiction book.

All columns are written from the perspective of an evangelical Christian journalist with 30 years in the news business and a Caucasian who's filled the pulpit in the four largest African-American denominations as well as Spanish-languages churches. Huckins' column has been honored by the Religion News Association (the world's largest group of journalists covering spirituality), Evangelical Press Association (the nation's biggest organization of born-again newspeople), National Association of Black Journalists (the country's top entity for those covering African-American life), Amy Foundation (the USA's longtime, widely respected advocate for Scripture in secular media) and Indiana Society of Professional Journalists (the state's premier guild of news correspondents and editors), taking awards for opinion writing, feature writing, religion reporting, biblical content, in-depth coverage of issues of concern to minorities and copy editing.

Here's what major Christian figures are saying about Huckins and his work in the book, available through major online retailers and select bookstores:

​"Kyle does not shy away. ... He can stake out a position, but do so in love. ...  You will be challenged, stretched and intrigued. ... There need to be more people like Kyle Huckins who do both news and theology."

     - The Rev. Bobby Schuller, speaker for TV's "The Hour of Power" and pastor of Shepherd's Grove (the former Crystal Cathedral), from the book's foreword

"Kyle Huckins' book is an exceptional work. Kyle's journey as a journalist has afforded him the opportunity to write about some of this country's and world's major religion news stories. This compilation allows the reader to revisit these well-written pieces, which come from an evangelical point of view. It is an honor to have included in this journalistically sound work both views from and stories about our church."

     - Robert Coleman, executive director of public relations, Church of God in Christ
, managing editor, The Whole Truth magazine

"Dr. Huckins filters the news through the Spirit and the Word, and his Jesus-filled glasses. What he distills for you are nuggets of truth that will put you on the right path."

     - Rita Bennett, Litt.D., counselor, author of "A New Look at the News" and co-author of "The Holy Spirit and You" with her late husband, the Rev. Dennis Bennett

"What I like about this new book by Kyle Huckins is that it makes me stop and think about why I believe the way I do concerning a variety of issues facing our nation. Such soul-searching helps me get to the root of issues rather than respond with a knee-jerk reaction. As you read this book, you will be challenged – and that’s good!"

     - Dennis Jernigan, Christian singer/composer of “Nobody Fills My Heart Like Jesus,” “Thank You,” “Great Is the Lord Almighty” and more than 500 other published worship songs

​"Kyle Huckins writes as both a journalist and a believer, a combination that allows his readers insight into two worlds often in collision. This is a solid read from a thinker with a heartbeat for all that is noble."

​     - Michael Smith, Ph.D., professor of public relations, Lee University, author of "The Jesus Newspaper"

The message of the book is that spirituality matters today more than ever and impacts a wide range of areas of life, in spite of what the culture tells the faithful. Benefits include the work’s conversational quality, short items (all 1-4 pages long), current material, diversity of subject matter, and ability to lead readers into salvation and more. ​Unique qualities are its using an evangelical perspective to address current issues, considering racial, moral and relational questions from a spiritual angle, and particular attention to matters concerning people of color. The volume is put out by Berean Publishing and distributed worldwide by Ingram. A Bible study and college teaching materials using the book are available.

Huckins is a longtime university professor as well as professional columnist, feature writer, broadcaster, blogger and media consultant. He's also ordained clergy. Huckins has been a professional newsman since 1989, winning 25 honors for his media work. His news staffs have won nearly 75 major awards, a third of them national or regional. He has taught at the college level for well over a decade and specialized his research to focus on religion and media, taking three honors for his scholarship. Huckins was ordained in 2003 and has spoken in churches of nearly 20 different denominations and movements. He has an earned doctorate in journalism and religious studies, teaching both in colleges and universities, and a master's degree in theological studies from Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary.