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These have Kyle's award-winning writings applying Scripture to current events and theological questions. He uses interviews, research and expertise gained from 30 years as a journalist and 20 years in ministry. You'll also get visuals to aid your understanding.

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Not sure where your life is headed, or what will happen to you when you die? Visit this page to see how to be saved and secure in Jesus Christ for today, tomorrow and eternity. 

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This weblog is updated \with relevant devotional thoughts from Scripture. The author comes from a born-again perspective: the Bible as God's Word, 66 books given once for all time as the final authority on faith and its practice. Application is underscored.

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See how pastor, researcher and author Kyle Huckins can help your church through revivals, seminars, research and more. He's touched lives from Australia to Atlanta, China to Indiana, Miami to Maine, and he's preached coast to coast, border to border!