Help for Your Church

Eternity Now has speakers ready to spread the Gospel in your area and institution. As a pulpit veteran, Senior Evangelist Kyle Huckins loves preaching revivals, instructing on media and ministry, and most of all helping lead people to Jesus Christ. See how to be saved.

Ways We Minister

Preaching revivals, other services 1-10 days

Teaching seminars on Bible history, Old & New Testament, particular books of Scripture or groups thereof

Training in evangelism, outreach, discipleship, small-group ministry, eschatology and other topics

Evangelist Huckins' 20+ years in ministry includes increasing church attendance, deepening relationships within congregations, launching small-group ministries, winning people to the Lord individually and in gatherings, as well as writing Bible studies and structuring instructional systems. 

You may get in touch with speakers through this site's "Contact" page or email Evangelist Huckins directly at

​​Eternity Now

Our Mission is The Great Commission