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​​​Eternity Now has a YouTube channel, found here. (Subscribe by clicking the red "Subscribe" button on the upper right of the page.) Both messages from Senior Evangelist Kyle Huckins' appearances for our group and his previous churches are found there. (No endorsement by him or Eternity Now of any particular congregation or denomination is implied by these sermons' inclusion.) These videos have more than 5,000 views in 2020! 

Here are some of his videos, latest at top:


"Jesus Christ: Calling, Empowering & Convicting,"  Eternity Now Weekly Message, June 28, 2020

"A Testimony of Treasure,"  Eternity Now Weekly Service, June 21, 2020

​"Power in the Grace & Mercy of God,"  Eternity Now Weekly Message, June 14, 2020

"Let's Be Witnesses," a short, concise explanation of salvation and what to do once saved

​"Whoever Calls Upon the Name of the Lord," drive-in service

"Mother's Day, God's Way,"Mother's Day 2020

"God Is Our Source" in his "Knowing God" sermon series

"The Lively Branch"in his "Knowing God" sermon series

"Is There Oil in Your Lamp?" in his "Knowing God" sermon series

"He Is Risen,"  Easter Sunday 2020, in his "Knowing God" sermon series

"Whether Hated or Hailed, Keep the Faith," Palm Sunday 2020, in his "Knowing God" sermon series

"Personal Relationship With God: Salvation, Power & Witness" in his "Knowing God" sermon series

"Obedience, Relationship, Blessing" in his "Together in the Harvest" sermon series

"Love Is the Answer" in the "Together in the Harvest" series

YouTube playlist of four messages on the endtimes in "The End of Days" series

"Rapture Ready" in "The End of Days" series on the endtimes

"Life During the Tribulation" in "The End of Days" series on the endtimes

"The Hour Is Late" in "The End of Days" series on the endtimes

"Timeline to Eternity" in "The End of Days" series on the endtimes

YouTube playlist of the "Becoming One in Christ"  sermon series

"Forgiven and Forgiving Others" in the "Becoming One in Christ" series

"Avoiding Offense & Contention" in the "Becoming One in Christ" series

"Trusting God & Each Other" in the "Becoming One in Christ" series

"God's Help for New Year's Resolutions" sermon

"His Purpose" from the "Who Is This Christ of Christmas?" series

"Lost, Found & Convicted" sermon on evangelism

Pastor Huckins' 20+ years in ministry includes increasing church memberships, deepening relationships within congregations, launching small-group ministries, winning people to the Lord individually and in gatherings, as well as writing Bible studies and structuring instructional systems. He's preached hundreds of sermons, taught many hundreds of classes on Scripture, and brought the Word of God coast to coast, border to border.

You may get in touch with the Rev. Dr. Kyle Huckins through this site's "Contact" page or email him directly at Don't forget to follow him on Twitter, Facebook  and LinkedIn for his very latest postings.

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