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Let longtime media & marketing professional Kyle Huckins ( redesign your website to get more traffic, run your marketing campaign to increase sales, or write and design your church newsletter. See more on his background. Schedule him for seminars at your workplace or before your congregation. As a pulpit veteran, he loves preaching revivals, instructing on media and ministry, and helping spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. See how to be saved.


Kyle's track record online includes: 

  • Site redesigns boosting mobile traffic by 30% and more
  • 20% climb in rate of increase in Twitter followers 
  • Attracting 120 people in person to a first-ever outreach for a local church through Facebook promotion, four times its number of members
  • Web ad click-through rates of 15% in event campaigns and 6% in standard campaigns (industry average under 1%)
  • Facebook engagement rates of 20% (industry average 2%)
  • Building e-commerce and other websites for content and marketing
  • Exponential organic growth in total social-media followers to over 5,500 in just five years

Consulting on media design, use and messaging

PR/marketing content creation for businesses & nonprofits

Writing and editing blogs, news, news releases, advertorials, books, Bible studies, research reports and other materials

Book creation from line and content editing to page design to printing; royalties for clients of 30+ percent

Production and writing for all major media (Internet, social platforms, radio, TV, newspapers & magazines)

Running media relations for companies & 501c3s

Designing and conducting social-media content and marketing campaigns  

Huckins' 30-year media career has seen him work professionally in every major medium and teach same in universities, leading to his 25 media awards (including national and regional honors), several dozen more by his students and placing his graduates in media at three times the national average.

Ministerial Abilities

Preaching revivals, other services 1-10 days; hear a sermon! 

Teaching seminars on Bible history, Old & New Testament, particular books of Scripture or groups thereof

Training in evangelism, outreach, discipleship, small-group ministry, eschatology and other topics

Consulting on church management, education departments and Sunday schools

Creating VBS and other special-event campaigns and curriculum

Launching and restructuring church communications & PR departments


Pastor Huckins' 20+ years in ministry includes increasing church memberships, deepening relationships within congregations, launching small-group ministries, winning people to the Lord individually and in gatherings, as well as writing Bible studies and structuring instructional systems. He's glad to come to you for events or other work, or you to come to him and his church in Indiana.

You may get in touch with the Rev. Dr. Kyle Huckins through this site's "Contact" page or email him directly at Don't forget to follow him on Twitter, Facebookand LinkedIn for his very latest postings.

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